How old am I?

How old am I? May be this question is raised in your mind and you do not know the current age. If you do not know the exact year of your born, you cannot know the how old you are. You need to know the date and year of born. If you born in the hospital, then it is easy to know the date of born. Many parents are not concerned about the date of birth and it is common seen in the developing countries. If they do not know the correct date birth, then the assumption is the only way to know the date of birth.
Many people do not know the current age. It is necessary to current age for different purposes. Sometimes it is necessary to know the exact age. Counting the exact age is very difficult manually. Exact age is age according to year, moth, day and hour of the person. That is why many websites included online age counter for finding the exact age. Those online tools are easy to use and free. You need to put the exact data including a year in a certain place and put the current data including year and count the age quickly. You can easily know the exact age.

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